About Us

India Innovations simplifies the adoption of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications by providing innovative services that extend SaaS functionality into horizontal and vertical areas. We specialize in NetSuite development, implementation, Consulting. With India Innovations team of experts at your side, your business will become more agile and competitive. To improve performance, you have to know exactly what you want to achieve and then establish targets all along the path your project will take. Project failure is a major concern.  This dimension reflects India Innovations attention to understanding the stakes of an initiative and the level of risk our client perceives to be inherent in the initiative.  This allows India Innovations to manage these risks, reducing the chance that obstacles will slow down value realization. 

We have taken NetSuite one step ahead by designing Solutions that are completely embedded into NetSuite, providing you with the ability to quickly and cost effectively make NetSuite's cloud. Our comprehensive portfolio of integrated end-to-end solutions allow companies to manage essential business processes while leveraging the power of NetSuite's core business suite.

Leveraging our skill in product development and NetSuite, we can create and implement a business critical solution to efficiently address your requirements.
Our cross-industry knowledge, research, innovation, comprehensive go-to-market support and broad spectrum of knowledge allows us to develop practical solutions; enabling business process improvements that help you increase efficiencies, profitability, improve customer service and more.


NetSuite Consultants

India Innovations is a fast-growing organization to extend NetSuite and allows customer to utilize the best business practice and matching the NetSuite function to that business practice. Our goal is to give small and medium-sized companies the flexibility and sophistication they need from their technology to compete in the global marketplace. 

NetSuite OpenAir

In today's ultra-competitive professional services industry, you cannot afford to manage your services operations across spreadsheets and disparate point solutions. Put an end to over budget projects, revenue leakage, lengthy billing cycles, and inaccurate time and expense tracking.

NetSuite Customization

Once implementation and configuration is done, you may find it does not meet your needs "out-of-the-box." India Innovations provides the customization services you need to get the most value from NetSuite software purchases. We begin by reviewing your processes and identifying areas where the software may not completely support your ways of doing business. In some cases, by slightly altering your internal processes, you may find significant ways to save time and money. In other cases, by customizing the software, we can help integrate the product into your business. 

This approach gives you the best of both worlds and identifies savings in as many areas as possible. Our customization packages fit many needs, but there are always ways to extend the software to more effectively fit the way you work. Our customization team is familiar with .NET, C#, Javascript, XML, HTML. We can adjust existing functionality, create additional functionality, and even connect NetSuite to a legacy system.