Netsuite Development

At India Innovations we have great team of NetSuite developers. We have developed customized solutions for our clients. We have also developed different module based on NetSuite platform. We believe in providing maximum value to our client through our unique development approach. We are expert in SuiteScript, SuiteTalk, SuiteFlow, Suiteflex ,Suitebuilder and Suite Analytics.

SuiteScript: Flexible Customization without Limits

SuiteScript allows developers and administrators to create flexible business logic within NetSuite tailored to specific business needs—from sophisticated business processes to entirely new applications.

Built on industry-standard JavaScript that ensures portability and rapid developer productivity, SuiteScript enables full-featured application-level scripting capabilities throughout NetSuite. Supporting sophisticated procedural logic and featuring robust debugging capabilities, SuiteScript makes possible virtually limitless customization and cloud application construction. Better yet, no matter what scripts you create within NetSuite, they migrate automatically with each NetSuite upgrade.

Key Benefits

  • Standards-based scripting language speeds developer productivity
  • Flexibility to customize NetSuite to meet ongoing industry and business needs
  • Built-in debugging capabilities enable robust application development
  • Multiple scripting models include event-based, scheduled, client scripting and more.

Key Features

Flexible Scripting Models to Support Customization Needs

  • User-event scripts can be triggered when users work with records and data changes in NetSuite such as when opening, editing or saving records
  • Suitelets provide the power to create dynamic user interfaces using server-side logic
  • Scheduled scripts allow SuiteScript logic to run as part of a schedule, to process records such as aging invoices or imported data
  • Client scripts can be used to easily validate user-entered data within the user's browser, run logic when a field selection changes or perform any other processing on the fly
  • Portlet scripts enable easy definition and publishing of custom dashboard content and even enable external data-feeds on NetSuite dashboards via RSS, HTML and more
  • RESTlets provide new integration possibilities, including building mobile applications
  • A bundle installation script, a specialized server SuiteScript is executed automatically in target accounts when a bundle is installed, updated, or uninstalled.
  • Workflow action scripts can be easily launched from NetSuite's SuiteFlow workflow management tools to embed complex business logic within workflows.

Powerful Debugging Capabilities

  • Web-based interactive debugger allows validation and testing of SuiteScript code
  • Provides a powerful debugging toolset with controlled code execution such as step in, out and over as well as execution logs, resolution of local variables, watches and break points
  • Supports testing of ad hoc code fragments or specifically debugging user event, scheduled, portlet or Suitelet scripts
  • Debug applications within a sandbox environment and migrate to production, or debug in real time within the live environment.

Web Services: SuiteTalk

Standards-Based Power to Integrate and Extend NetSuite SuiteTalk web services integration makes it easy for customers and developers to integrate NetSuite with a variety of applications including existing on-premise investments and third-party cloud applications, and to build website-to-NetSuite integrations or create lightweight custom mobile applications.

With a full complement of SOAP web services across the suite and a framework that supports lightweight REST-based integration, SuiteTalk makes it easy to integrate NetSuite the way you need it most.

Key Benefits

  • Web services integration platform across NetSuite's ERP, CRM and ecommerce solution
  • Supports integrated business processes across third-party systems and NetSuite
  • Real-time transactional and master data integration
  • Enables you to leverage existing skills such as Microsoft .NET or Java
  • Error handling and security that support robust integrations.

Key Features

Standards-Based Integration

  • Integrates standard NetSuite records and custom objects with your third-party applications
  • Enables integration using Java, .NET or any other development language that supports SOAP-based web services
  • RESTlet framework allows developers to define their own procedures for the standard REST functions such as POST, PUT, GET and DELETE.

Comprehensive Error Handling

  • Sophisticated error handling helps ensure robust, reliable integrations
  • Supports strongly typed custom fields with automatic validation based on the field type
  • Returns exceptions on a record-by-record basis.

Powered by a Robust Security Model

  • Manages web service requests by using standard NetSuite authentication, authorization, session management and encryption
  • Ensures web services operations are restricted based on access privileges
  • "Web Services Only" role ensures users can only access using web services if required
  • Supports security on a per-field basis.

Workflow Engine: SuiteFlow

Workflow Management Automates Your Business for Maximum Efficiency and Flexibility

SuiteFlow provides developers and customers with easy-to-use point-and-click tools to customize and automate business processes. Business processes such as lead nurturing, collections management, sales discounting approvals, purchase order approvals and more can be created easily with SuiteFlow.

Key Features

  • Rapidly deploy workflows in response to changing business needs
  • Automate business processes such as lead nurturing, sales discounting approvals, travel authorizations and more
  • Improve responsiveness by enabling continual tracking of various steps in a business process
  • Maximize business agility by allowing ad hoc workflow changes.

Key Features

Easy-to-Use Graphical Workflow Management

  • Workflow Manager provides a complete graphical point-and-click solution that allows you to build and maintain workflows
  • Quickly assemble rules-based workflows to streamline business processes such as lead nurturing, sales discounting or purchase order approvals, collections management and more
  • Easily create, view, edit and manage workflow states, actions, rules and branching conditions.

Powerful Workflow Capabilities

  • Easily specify the triggering events that initiate a workflow, such as when records are viewed, created, or updated—or schedule workflows to run automatically
  • Manage the states the record will pass through in the course of the workflow, and define conditional actions to occur when the record enters each state—such as when a marketing lead nurturing email changes from having been sent to subsequently opened.

Business Intelligence: SuiteAnalytics

Embedded Real-Time Insights for Your Custom Applications

SuiteAnalytics provides embedded business intelligence to any customizations or applications built with SuiteCloud, eliminating the need for developers and IT to deal with the complexities of separate reporting tools, BI cubes or data warehousing.

With its intuitive graphical toolset, SuiteAnalytics enables end-users to self-serve real-time analytics across all areas—financials, orders, customers, opportunities and all custom objects—to quickly get the business answers they need.

Key Benefits

  • Easily build key performance indicators (KPIs), actionable lists and search analytics for your custom data and applications to maximize productivity
  • Embed real-time dashboards with your custom applications, helping end-users to identify key business issues quickly and drill through to detailed records in just a few clicks
  • Increase the value of your custom applications with built-in analytics and eliminate the complexities of working with separate reporting tools, data integration and data warehousing.

Key Features

There are three broad categories of functionality provided by SuiteAnalytics. These are here.

  • Personalized Real-Time Dashboards
  • Complete Self-Service Reporting
  • Analytics on the Go

Graphical Customization: SuiteBuilder

Application Configuration Made Easy

SuiteBuilder makes customizing NetSuite application forms, fields and records a simple point-and-click experience. SuiteBuilder puts rapid application configuration power in the hands of users and enables developers to rapidly prototype and deploy custom cloud applications. Best of all, you never have to worry about version lock because customizations carry over automatically with each new release.

Key Benefits

  • Easily configure forms, fields and more based on business need
  • No need for database expertise through point-and-click configuration
  • Quickly change NetSuite to your company's own terminology and branding
  • Rapidly represent sophisticated data relationships without complex coding.

Key Features

Custom Fields

  • Add unlimited custom fields to standard data records such as leads, opportunities, customers, orders, invoices and more
  • Incorporate numerous data types like text, date, drop-down lists, images and more
  • Create advanced fields that dynamically source and filter data and formula fields.

Custom Forms

  • Quickly create your own custom entry forms for specific business process needs
  • Easily manage fields, sub-tabs and field groupings to get just the right form you need.

Custom Records

  • Create records designed to collect information specific to the needs of your business
  • Attach information from custom records to entities, items or transactions using custom fields.

Custom Centers and Tabs

  • Create custom "centers" that gear the user experience for a particular role, such as specific functions within finance, sales or service
  • Tailor the user experience by adding custom tabs to existing or custom "centers."

Custom Roles

  • Easily create roles to manage specific permissions and restrictions
  • Assign a particular custom or packaged "center" experience such as executive, sales, shipping or support
  • Restrict usage based on subsidiaries, departments, classes, location and more
  • Manage permissions such as to transactions, reports, forms, searches and more.