Netsuite Integration

India Innovations have rich experience and expertise in NetSuite Integration with third party software. This is real time & seamless integration; this is done by using NetSuite web services or suite talk.

Apart from integration with external system, NetSuite can integrate with i-phone and android applications.  We can utilize XML- Schema language for communication between NetSuite and smart phones.

Web services/XML works as a bridge between two independent systems, such kind of architecture known as 2-tier Architecture or bridge architecture.

Why Integration requires?

  1. Order Management like sales order, item fulfillment and invoice generation in NetSuite from legacy systems.
  2. Migration of data from legacy system to NetSuite and vice versa.
  3. Synchronization of product catalogue between smart phones and NetSuite.
  4. E-commerce application transfer orders and inventory to NetSuite and vice versa.
  5. Collect customers and items from NetSuite to your application.


  1. Unlimited scalability and expansion.
  2. Smooth ERP to ERP communication like CELIGO integration and Sales force integration.
  3. Data transfer between any applications to NetSuite.